Artist Statement
My pieces often express a relationship to others or earth. An elegant, organic look prevails. Metals such as Silver, Bronze and Gold are often combined for contrast and beauty.

Fusing and Soldering are predominantly employed and many times in collaboration with each other. Fusing is heating the silver with a torch until it is almost at melting temperature.  With fusing, detailed, clean lines and a strong bond are created.  When the piece is almost finished, I incorporate Patinas (colors) into my designs for contrast and color.  Gold is often applied using Keum-Boo, an ancient technique for applying gold with heat and pressure.  Most of my pieces take 30 to 100 steps to create.

From childhood I had many influences which contribute to my perspective and designs. My mother was an award winning potter and sculptor, creating until she was nearly 90. Through her I learned my most valuable lesson – to be fluid and changeable in design and life. My father was a collector of early American fine art and specialized in metal artifacts. I developed a deep appreciation for hand forged metal. My grandfather was an avid rock collector, spending much of his life collecting rocks, fossils and gemstones in the Western states. His deep love for the earth and rocks formed lasting impressions leading me to study the earth sciences and major in Geology in college.

I spent the first half of my life in a technical career, including being a founder in a start-up energy information company. Software design was my creative outlet. In 2006, my husband and I decided to adopt a baby girl from Vietnam and I left software to be with her full time.  During that time I dreamed about doing something completely different from software.  When she began first grade, I embarked on Sanitas Designs, my jewelry business. “Sanitas” is the name of a local mountain in Boulder, my favorite place to hike and reflect.