Colorado Sky

Colorado Sky

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Handcrafted Sterling Silver Mountain, Moon and Star Pendant that I've named "Colorado Sky"

Approx 7/8" round.

Features a gemstone and a hidden clasp on the back so the piece so that the clasp does not interfere with the design.

Ships with 16" SS Chain.  If you prefer 18" please specify in comments box when you check out.

How it's made:

The background is prepared by cutting a silver sheet into a circle and a random star pattern applied.

Then the mountains and moons are hand cut as well as a silver tube for the gemstone.  Then the mountains, moons are soldered or fused to the circular piece and the pendant is shaped to be convex.  A stone setting is soldered to the front.  And a hidden clasp for the chain to slide through is created and soldered to the back. 

After it's been cleaned up I tumble the pendant in a tumbler until it looks beautiful.  Then I carefully apply a patina making sure the mountains and moons are patina free and tumble it some more. 

Then I apply a wax to the patina to seal the color and use a heat gun to ensure it's melted and smooth.

Using tools, I create a bezel for the specific gemstone at hand and set the gemstone.

Finally I do any final finishing and sign the back of the piece.